A trip to Wayanad

After a long time we planned to go for a trip to Wayanad from our club Yuvadhara Arts & Sports Club, Kadampanad. And we fixed it for Pooja holidays. Its was a two day trip. We started the journey on 15-10-2010 evening 8 PM from Ganesavilasam. About 6AM we reached the Adivaram (Wayanad Churam, Thamarassery Churam), we stayed there for morning light, because if there is no light, it is very difficult to travel through the churam, dangerous hairpins are there. And it is a narrow way. about 7 AM we started to travel through the churam. It was a adventurous journey, and we enjoyed a lot. On the way we can see from top, many of vehicles in small size. The are going slowly back to back, very carefully. When we reached the 3/4 th of the churam, we saw the the sunrise. It was a beautiful sight from there. There we stopped to see the beautiful morning and the long sight of Wayanad. Continue reading A trip to Wayanad

How to type in Malayalam in Gmail

Google launched the facility to type in Indian languages.

To activate the facility in Gmail,

1.  Login to your gmail account

2. Go to settings

3. Make check on ‘ Enable Transliteration – type using phonetic English ‘

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A Trip to Gavi & Vagamon

Today, 9th May 2010, we made a trip to Gavi and Vagamon. We Started the trip at morning 5.30 AM from Ganesavilasam. Seven Members was in our group – Me, Sujith, Praveen Kumar, Pradeep, Unnikrishanan, Jagadeesh, and Sabu. And we gone in a Tavera- Pradeep’s friend’s. The root was Pathanamthitta > Chittar > Seethathodu > Angamoozhy > Pachakkaanam. There Starts the Forest. There was a check-post, we need to took 30 Rs. pass for each person. And they warned us that, on the way we see and Wild Elephant, dont make noice, Engine race, horn- it will make angry the elephant and may be it will attack.

We entered to the forest, it was a nice feeling to us, because in this summer season, only there was the cool atmosphere. We understood the important of the green forests. Every moment we are waited patiently, to see elephant  or other wild animals. At first we reached at a Dam, the view from the dam to the forest and the river was a beautiful sight to us. About 50 km we traveled through the forest but we didn’t saw any animal there. after about 60 km, we saw the Forest Hens there. But we enjoyed the beauty of the nature, a lot. Continue reading A Trip to Gavi & Vagamon

A tour to Thenmala

Today is a great day to me, because we made a family tour to Thenmala. Our first family trip. We enjoyed a lot in this trip. me, Amma, Appa, Arun – my elder brother and Abhilash- my cousin’s son are the team. Each side of the road have a nice background of hills, rivers, railway bridges and forest. It’s a nice feeling to all of us in the journey. It was my second trip to Thenmala, firstly I gone from our school, when I am in +2. So I guided them. At first we reached Kallada Irrigation project area. From the top of the hill we can see all the part of the project very well and a nice scenery. In long distance i saw the shadows of the clouds, it’s a eye catching scenery. Continue reading A tour to Thenmala

Studied to create WordPress themes

This was a great day to me, because today i studied to create wordpress template. At first I thought that its too hard to study and i never tried to learn. But now i can make a wordpress template easily. Its a great experience to me. need to improve more, i will do it. One of the main fact about me is, I cant study this without someone teaching me. Now my brother ArunRaj. R teaches me.