After a long time we planned to go for a trip to Wayanad from our club Yuvadhara Arts & Sports Club, Kadampanad. And we fixed it for Pooja holidays. Its was a two day trip. We started the journey on 15-10-2010 evening 8 PM from Ganesavilasam. About 6AM we reached the Adivaram (Wayanad Churam, Thamarassery Churam), we stayed there for morning light, because if there is no light, it is very difficult to travel through the churam, dangerous hairpins are there. And it is a narrow way. about 7 AM we started to travel through the churam. It was a adventurous journey, and we enjoyed a lot. On the way we can see from top, many of vehicles in small size. The are going slowly back to back, very carefully. When we reached the 3/4 th of the churam, we saw the the sunrise. It was a beautiful sight from there. There we stopped to see the beautiful morning and the long sight of Wayanad.

After that we started the journey. About 10.30 AM we reached over the Churam and there we saw the welcome arch of Wayanad District. After the entrance (about 300 meters) we saw ‘Changala Maram’ (Chain Tree), it have an old story.

” Many years ago, before the Independence of our Country, there is no way to reach on the top the Churam. The way was founded by a  Tribal Leader, and he told about this to a British Leader who ruled the local. He killed the Tribal Leader and  took the credit of found the way. After many years there are many accidents happend, at last they  found that its because of the Spirit of that Tribal Leader. And they entrapped the Spirit in to a Iron chain. There is a Peepal tree beside that. The one end of the chain was fixed to the earth a and the other end was took over through a branch of the Peepal tree and fixed to the earth. The chain was growing with the Tree. ”

:-O . It was a surprise to us, one iron chain is growing with the growth of the tree. There we can see it was true.

After that, we gone to the Tourist home, booked earlier. It was in Meppadi (Wayanad). We took bath and had food there, placed the baggages there.

At first We gone to Meenmutty Waterfalls. From the entrance of the way to meenmutty, it was an adventurous walk through the side of a forestry hill. and finally reached the waterfalls.

will continue…

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