Today is a great day to me, because we made a family tour to Thenmala. Our first family trip. We enjoyed a lot in this trip. me, Amma, Appa, Arun – my elder brother and Abhilash- my cousin’s son are the team. Each side of the road have a nice background of hills, rivers, railway bridges and forest. It’s a nice feeling to all of us in the journey. It was my second trip to Thenmala, firstly I gone from our school, when I am in +2. So I guided them. At first we reached Kallada Irrigation project area. From the top of the hill we can see all the part of the project very well and a nice scenery. In long distance i saw the shadows of the clouds, it’s a eye catching scenery.

After that we gone to Thenmala Dam. From gate there was a bus for the tourists, they guide us to the Dam. From the top of the Dam, there is a beautiful scenery of hills, rivers, tiny islands and a shore like Delta. And a group of little monkeys are posing to photos for the tourists. It’s a funny sight. After that we gone to the Deer Park, there we saw only 8 deers in the park, i think there is about 25 deers in my first visit, now its reduced to eight, it’s a painful information that the number of wild animals are going down.

Next we gone to Palaruvi Waterfall, 17 Km from Thenmala. It was a beautiful sight for nature lovers. The cold water from the forest making cool us. On he side of the waterfall with a little distance in height, there a Rock Mandapam, to see the waterfall. We made a bath in the cold water, it made us cool. After that we gone to Kulathuppuzha Sastha Temple. There is river it surrounding the temple. In the river, a lot for huge fishes are there, it have a history that linked with the lord Sastha. There our tour ends…

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