How to detect and apply window size to a div using jQuery

In some case we need to apply the window width and height to a div or something like that. Here is a solution for that. You can detect and insert the screen width to a variable using the following jQuery code, var screen_width = $(window).width(); Also you can detect and insert the screen height to a […]

How to make rounded corner div using css

In many sites we found rounded corner divs without using images. We can make it in simple way using css. But it will not work in IE up to IE 8. We can use this css on everything, like table, text inputs, buttons, images, etc. for deferent browsers, the css are, IE9+ = border-radius: Value; […]

How to make Twitter type textfield glow effect using CSS

Twitter have good attractive interface to impress the users. one of them is the textfield. Here I am talking about how we can create that thing. Its is simple. We can make it using CSS. There used some simple css steps. But it will not work in explorer. The new version of explorer(IE 9) supports […]

A trip to Wayanad

After a long time we planned to go for a trip to Wayanad from our club Yuvadhara Arts & Sports Club, Kadampanad. And we fixed it for Pooja holidays. Its was a two day trip. We started the journey on 15-10-2010 evening 8 PM from Ganesavilasam. About 6AM we reached the Adivaram (Wayanad Churam, Thamarassery Churam), we […]

How to type in Malayalam in Gmail

Google launched the facility to type in Indian languages. To activate the facility in Gmail, 1.  Login to your gmail account 2. Go to settings 3. Make check on ‘ Enable Transliteration – type using phonetic English ‘